LateNight Thoughts Lying on bed staring into Deep Space

Wonder if Gravitons really do exists.  Applying the analogy to Magnetism we do not have magnetrons. How do magnets work.

If Graviton is a particle – they must be smaller than electrons ( since electrons would also exert gravity and possess gravity ).

So are we all made out of gravitons

Can we define something called as Amount of Light. Does light have mass ?

  • Is the amount of energy and matter in the universe constant, if that is so then how and when was it decided how much was to be there ?
  • How much energy or mass can a region of space hold ??
  • Why is the Orbit of most of the planets elliptical. Was their a reason for them to be circular ?
  • Can there be a region of space where we cannot put any matter – sort of matter resistant ?
  • Why does not all the Gases in the Earth’s atmosphere come down to earth  because of the gravity of the earth ?
  • Can we find the point in space where big bang started ?
  • Why is the rainbow curved and why only the outline, why not everywhere in the sky, because the water drop lets are               all there. Also why the curve ?? Is there a connection with the radius of the arc ??
  • Is gravity a result of rotation ???? Even at the Quantum level particles exhibit it because of rotation. If the earth stops rotating – will be have the same gravity ?
  • IS it possible that the ET is transmitting using Dark Energy where we can’t even listen since we do not have a full explanation of it yet.
  • Can we simulate the Universe in an area of Space – in Space (not on earth since the G will cause different effects ) Lets say we enclose an area of space in Space – about 1 mile in all directions Sphere of 1 mile Diameter. Then shoot some matter into it and see what happens
  • What will happen to the water in the oceans if the G on earth becomes == 0, will it go into space and float around the earth Will the trees stay stuck or will they also move out.
  • Can the G of a body in space increase over time
  • Can the animals feel the G on earth. Would they be able to acclamatize to a lower/higher G better than humans.
  • What about the plants and trees, would they grow with a higher/lower G
  • Like inside a Submarine when u go to about 100 feet, u cannot see the color red. That is because the red light cannot reach that depth and water filters it out.
  • Is color a perception of the human eye or is it a perception of the brain or is it something in nature.Do animals see different colors.
  • I feel that there are more colors in the universe that we can see or perceive. Like the submarine case, may be if we go into a different place in the universe we can see less color or more color depending on filtering in that medium local to that portion of the universe
  • How does one navigate in Space. How can a Space Shuttle direct itself towards a Star ?
  • Like light cannot pass through a opaque object, is there something – some material in the universe through which the gavity waves cannot pass ?
  • Have Hydroelectric generators at the beaches, so the tides of water will drive the Blades of the motor. The tides are generated by Gravity of sun and moon and hence these ocean tides can give us energy ?
  • Will a piece of radioactive material have any radiation or will there be a change in its Half-Life if it travels at the speed of light. since then the time will flow slowly.
  • Is it possible that different parts of the universe is expanding at a different rate.
  • Earth quakes would also generate gravity waves that would be released to space as well
  • Can a water animal – like fish, tortoise, or Whale know that the earth is round. I think we are in a similar state of mind, we cannot from within the universe know what the topology of the universe is.
  • We do not know what is there beyond the 12 Billion Light year scale since we have not seen light from that period, What is there, where the matter can go furthur ahead
  • Imagine an Alien being that can take a step that is 1 light years long
  • I feel there are more colors than the human eye can see. Like there are Sounds that the Human ear cannot hear
  • I feel that we cannot imagine something beyond the speed of light because our senses are not made to visualise that. Because our nerves cannot trasmit anything beyond the speed of light. Sometimes, I feel that speeds greater than light is possible.

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