Some pictures of my Hike to Mount Monadnock Mountain July 2012

Mount Monadnock –
Not a very high mountain – but as recommended in some places – good for kids – it is in my opinion – not good for kids.

I started climbing early morning 7.30am ( the base was 1.5 hours drive from my home )
and came back to the base at 12.20pm.

I took a couple of small stops on the way up and way down.

The day I climbed was extremely humid and hot – about 80%+ humidity and 95F, I was sweating like anything.

After I came down – I did a change of clothes before driving back.

Very steep rocks on the White Dot and White Cross Trail.

Climbing up for me is easier – but climbing down – I am always slow – as 1 mistake can result in serious leg injury.

Any injury on a hiking trip is not good.

I learnt something new about myself on this hiking trip – my focus and concentration was very good during the whole time – climbing up / down. I realised my focus had not been this good for a long long time. This really made me feel good.

I lost about 1600 Calories on the whole hike.


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