Parallel MSB RadixSort

Here is a variation of MSB Radix Sort that I have thought and implemented. This is an embarrassingly parallel algorithm that can be easily translated to the Map Reduce paradigm.

I have implemented this algorithm using Java7’s Fork Join Algorithm.
Also implemented are 2 versions of python code – one Recursive and another Iterative which are NOT implemented using any parallelizable code in python.

Core Ideas of the Algorithm

  1. Partition Numbers into Buckets based on the number of digits : each bucket is then worked in parallel
  2. Intra Bucket Parallelism: Numbers in the same bucket (i.e –numbers with the same number of digits) – their sorting can be further parallelized by making 10 more buckets based on their ith –MSB digit. This can happen recursively – giving a huge amount of intra-bucket parallelism.

Java Code usage

Dependencies – SLf4J and Perf4J and Javolution libraries

java MSBRadixSortingWithForkJoin <Number of Items that you would like to Sort>
#Items that you would like to Sort – Integer number. The code internally generates that many random numbers

Python Code Usage

python filename
python fileName

FileName – name of a file – which has 1 integer / line which needs to be sorted


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