Successfully hiked to Everest Base Camp @ 18.2K ft

On 7th Oct @ 08.00 GMT, I reached Everest Base Camp, after hiking over 42 miles and climbing from 8K ft to 18K ft, over a period of 9 gruelling days, over an altitude where Oxygen levels dropped to below 50% of that at sea level.
Standing at the Base Camp on Kumbhu glacier staring at Kumbu Icefall  just in front of me (the most dangerous part of the climb to Everest Summit), I just cried in joy, ecstacy,  exhilaration and exuberance and for once in my life I extolled myself, hardly believing I did this, something I always wanted to do. I heard the massive noise of moving chunks of ice in Blue colored Kumbhu icefall – staring at the iconic Mt. Everest.
The hike took me through unforgiving terrain – landslides, places with no defined trails, in between massive chunks of rocks, walking over steep uneven rocks and non stop climbs, over glaciers, over and behind waterfalls, streams, rivers, crevices, hanging bridges between mountains and over rivers, single plank bridges, in rain, snow, cold blustery winds, clouds and the last one to Kala Pattar at 18.7K feet in early morning darkness before sunrise.
I met the simple, hard working, truly innovative people of this region – Sherpas – from whom I learnt a lot of lessons and also some life lessons from this massive hike ( which I plan to blog about sometime ).
I will be writing 2 blogs on this in the next coming months.IMG_0309.JPGIMG_0142.JPG

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