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22nd Nov, 1995, Fairfax, VA – day most people welcome – when they go out for the Thanksgiving weekend- my 1st day in USA ( coming from Singapore ) within 4 hours of landing – I face 3 police Officers ( 1 Lady and 2 men officers ) ready to shoot me – with 3 revolvers pointing at me. I stand cool – and get out of it explaining that I was not a burglar they were looking for. That is my life starting in USA :-), it was probably a 30 min ordeal for me – when I was convincing them and giving them enough proof.

Sept 1995 – I forget the exact date, at my dormitory room in Asian Institute Of Technology – I was having a great siesta dozing on and off to sleep – when I am awakened by some noise in the ceiling ( my dorm was the top most floor ). I get up and even before I had time to react – I saw a SNAKE fall on my bed from the ceiling  😦 –  Uh!…..  I just jumped out of my bed and stood still in my pajamas and was just terrorized for a few seconds before my mind started working again.

2 almost very close encounters with real danger in the same year.

On a more mundane level – I am a person who love to stretch myself a little each and every day – “I am in no competition with anyone – but everyday I try to be a better myself”. Everyday, I only “Fear Wasting my Life for Nothing”.
Get up in the morning everyday 4.30 ( weekend/weekday ) – solve 1 chess problem from this book – to awaken my brain.

My daily fun starts after that :-).

I like to end my day – with a laugh and humor and try to watch small snippets of these movies of a bygone era (1920-30) – “Laurel and Hardy” on youtube.

I am a simple minded no flaunt person – enjoy the simple pleasures of life, dressing and living a simple lean and clean life with no strings attached to materialistic things. My philosophy – “Live SIMPLY But LOVE Lavishly“. I am kind, humble, open and warm hearted person. I am definitely not handsome but I can lend my hand to some :-).

Here are a few things I thoroughly enjoy watching in my garden and around in the woods. I can spend hours watching the birds especially sparrows and their activities, their little hops and skips and their tweets and incessant activities. Same with squirrels – I can spend days watching them, their actions, expressions, their acrobatics and gymnastics and their frantic movements and busy schedules. Another thing that I wish I could spend more time watching is the activities of monkeys and their kids. When I was in India my house was surrounded with monkeys and their daily activities, jumping around from tree to tree inspired many of my daily activities during school holidays. I liked their great leaps and jumps from 1 building to another and from tree to tree and their ability to swiftly climb tall trees. Their eating traits and actions amused me no end.

I try to follow a green life – I hardly generate 1 bag of trash in a month. I recycle, and compost and mow my lawn using a push mower too – using a push mower has a lot of benefits – I leave the grass there – so it works as a mulch, I burn about 600 Cal mowing my full lawn about 800 sf, gives me an opportunity to be outside and above all – it makes no noise and needs no maintenance and is green.


Professionally, I am a Computer Sc. Major ( MS and BS ) – but I am also a technician. I have replaced the screen of an iPod recently, I have repaired Washing Machine, Hot Water Heater and repaired a non balanced fan in my house – all using youtube.com and simple common and contextual sense.

I sleep just 6-6.5 hours everyday (unless lost in nostalgia of bye-gone era of my life) – not more (to me rest is like rust) – in fact I do not need more than that and hate to lie on bed when not sleeping ( unless I am sick or too exhausted after strenuous  badminton games ).


I love running outside (even during the cold months on Boston unless there is snow on the ground ) and generally can run 4 miles non stop at decent speed – about 3-4 days a week. Getting outside & running in winter – is a mental strengthening exercise for me – I kick out my laziness and go out and run.

I am a bibliomanic – to say the least – LOVE Books – Enjoy reading a wide variety of books mostly technical and personal development, Maths and Physics for Layman like me.

Enjoy reading some websites on a daily basis – dailygood.org, universetoday.com and physorg.com everyday when time permits

I am an expert level badminton player –  play in Carlisle – twice weekly – non stop – singles and doubles for 1.5 H

I LOVE travelling on trains – the melodious sound of the clanking of the wheels makes my head and heart sing in ecstasy. When in Europe ( especially in Switzerland ) I never miss an opportunity to do scenic train rides. I have been on this train ride – Glacier Express in Switzerland. I want to do 2 or 3 more train rides – Canadian Rockies and the train to Macchu Picchu 🙂 and the final one – from Oslo to Bergen http://www.raileurope.com/blog/11474-oslo-to-bergen-by-train. I was able to take that ride from Oslo to Bergen on – 16th July, 2016, when I had the chance to visit Oslo (solo) for 4 days.


I LOVE to be out in nature feeling the beauty, peace and simple things around me.

I love to help people around me whenever I see a need and where I feel I can help and my help, time and effort will make a difference. I feel most happy and contended when I get to do this.

I love to read about algorithms and implement them when I get a chance.

Also an avid reader of math books

I dream and yearn to climb a challenging Mountain Peak or at least climb to Everest Base camp or Khumbu Icefall, one day if possible – not sure if this is a forlorn ambition. Enjoyed the IMAX movie on Everest multiple times.

I love travelling on vacation to new places and never lose and opportunity to do so.

Whenever I have been at the fork of making a decision – I have always chosen the hard path. I find so much exhilaration in doing hard things and solving hard problems. Everyone can do easy things – no fin doing that for me – I get fulfillment and contended by doing the hard things my way.

Here is an article I had read a while back on doing hard things https://sumitpal.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/do-the-hard-things/

Recently, I have started learning either a new poem or a new song every month.

Here are 2 poems I have memorized

To India my Native Land

Where the Mind is Without Fear

Also Memorized 3 unforgettable 1955-56 songs from old Hindi Movie

Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai ( You are the Sea of Love )

Duniya Banane Wale ( Whosoever made the world – what transpired in your mind….”)

Kahan Ja Raha Hai ( Where are you going – look before you leap ).

I am a romantic person – but all my romantic flings start and end as bathroom/shower songs. This is my all time best romantic song from a bygone era – Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua Hai Pyar se phir Kyon Darta Hai Dil

I will probably not say – “I Love You” – but I will make every effort to make you feel I do :-).  My favorite short story – is a very touching romantic one – “Night Train to Deoli” – Ruskin Bond.

Over the last 5 years – memorized 1000 names of Sri Vishnu – from this book

I do not think I am a religious person – I am amazed at how – all religions teach peace but none of them can achieve it.  I strongly believe in this saying –

“Never belong to a crowd, to a nation, religion or a race. Belong to the whole existence. Why limit yourself to small things when the whole is available”.

I think – “Real religion is to develop a character, a character of compassion, character of humility and a strong determination to help the needy”

All religions teach LOVE and LOVE is the biggest religion of all. Like “Darkness cannot drive darkness it is only LIGHT that can drive Darkness” – Similarly – “Hate cannot drive out Hate it is only LOVE that can drive out Hate”.

I strongly believe in what this great nobel laureate poet has to say


I recently watched this movie – “Sirens of the Himalayas – K2” – on Netflix – I liked some of the dialogues – where it says – coming back alive with everything intact is also a great victory. I like the gentleman there Fabrizio – who tried it so many times but failed – but makes a very good comment at the end.


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  2. Sumit-
    Great page but what really caught my attention was your interest in data and algorithms– I am the recruiting manager at Hadapt in Cambridge. Your profile was of interest to me. Feel free to contact me at your convenience at gclark@hadapt.com

  3. Thank you for sharing your blog! You have a knack and loved reading all of it! Keep sharing!

  4. Sumit – Very touching post on your dad. You are a good role model. Stay blessed. ~VJ

  5. i just loved reading about you. Simple awesome writing skills. You seems to be gem of a person. Stay blessed.

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