Assorted Data Visualization Links

Learn Visualization


Visualization Articles

Visualization Tools

Visualization Books

Visualization Gallery

Learn Visualization

Pioneers OF Data Viz

Get Started on Visualization – Core concepts, Define & Create good visuals

What makes a Visual Memorable

DataVisualization for Non-Programmers

ABC of Data Visualization


 Lecture Resources

Adobe Connect Live Classroom
Live Video

2014 Video

2014 Activities

2014 Lecture

2013 Video

2012 Video

2013 Lecture





Flowing Data
Perceptual Edge
Information Aesthetics

ZSpace ( 3D Data Visualization for Big Data )
Visual Complexity



Visualization Articles

Charting Marathon Routes

In the future we will need more food, more energy and more water – Shell

NASA found a way to visualize the most important process behind global warming

23 maps and charts on language

  Visualizing Bay Area Bike-Sharing as a Solar System

Data Visualization Group

Pulse of the Nation

Infographics That Reveal Kooky References in Your Favorite Films

Visualizing Algorithms

Set of good Visuals

11 mistakes that drive data nerds crazy
How Data Visualization Answered One of Retail’s Most Vexing Questions
Emma Pawlowski

Top 10 Data Graphics
Youtube Animated Visualization of CO2 levels over last 1 million years

Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia

Visual on a bad topic

(Use the dots at the top to navigate between the different visuals)

Brand Storytelling and how it has grown and how it will work in the future

Another very well informative place for Visualization Best Practises

Data Visualization Revolution article in Scientific American

Global Risk Interconnection Map – a well written PDF with lots of very relevant Visuals

Brazil’s Economy through Visuals

Degrees of Debt in College

Small Chart Visualization – Novel Concept

Top 10 Data GraphicsVisualizing
Zero: How to Show Something with Nothing

Secrets of Successful Infographics

History Flow

Wiki History Flow

Visualization Periodic Table

Inside Analysis


New tools and resources of 2014

30+ free tools for data visualization and analysis

Data Visualization in R using HTMLWidgets

Tableau Online

Tableau Quick
Start Guides

Tableau Knowledge Base
Training and Tutorials

Tableau Public

Tableau Tips for Maps

Tableau Bloggers

Some great links for Tableau
Wolfram Mathematica
Many Eyes



Official D3 Site
Official D3 Wiki
D3 API Reference
D3 Tutorial by Scott Murray (highly
recommended! – Required D3 textbook is based on this.)

D3 on Stack Overflow
D3.js Google Group
Mike Bostock’s site
D3.js Gallery
Mike Bostock on
Jérôme Cukier
and Scott Murray’s D3 tutorial at the Strata Conference

D3 For Mere Mortals
Mike Bostock’s
D3 Tutorial

Vadim’s Lecture Slides, D3
Jerome Cukier’s
D3 Cheat Sheet

FlowingData D3 Tips
D3, Conceptually
D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson – Vol I
D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson – Vol II
D3 Tips and Tricks
D3 Gallery

RealTime Charting Library

Great set of tools and products

Maptive – Instant Mapping from Location Data



Pattern – a data scraping library
Beautiful Soup
 – the “mother” scraping library

Other Software Toolkits

Protovis (JavaScript)
Prefuse (Java)
Flare (ActionScript)
Piccolo (Java
/ C#)
Microsoft Vedea
25 Tools
75+ Tools

Learning Processing
Examples by Ben Fry Using Processing in Eclipse

Touch your Data


36 Great Tools for Data Visualization

Dimple JS

Hubspot’s Powerpoint Template free for creating Infographics

Github Visualization Tools

ManyEyes from IBM


Heat Map

Visualization Gallery

Algorithm Visualization

Institute of Health Metrics Visualization

How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women

Tableau Visualization Contest Nov 2014

Great Examples of Visualization

Map of Every Device in the World That’s Connected to the Internet

Tableau Public Eye

Decades in Energy Consumption ( Shell – 3rd Slide )

India’s Budget History

Data Science 12 Great Charts

YouTube of Data Visualization

Visual Complextiy

Some very interesting Visualizations

Eye Festival

Tumblr Visualizations

Analytics on Soccer players lead strikers

Soccer Player how they are connected

Real Time Spending by American

40 Maps that explain the Internet ( The one about how the world wakes up to Twitter is quite revealing )

Visual – 40 Maps that explain the world

Migration of people 

Cancer Diagnosis

Visual on FDA and Spice Import 

Data Visualization and World Cup

Some Cool Data Viz

World Cup Soccer

           ​Visualization of Places visited

D3 Visualization Gallery

Metro Boston Data and Visualizations

Hubway Data Visualization gallery

Eye Festival

Amazing Collection of Visualizations

Some great Infographics

Info Is Beautiful

Apple App Store Visualization

NYTime Collection of Data
Visualization (Quite a collection)

Refugee Project

Corporate Acquistions

Music Style Visual based on
time line – ( This is an Interactive Chart )

Visualization about Timeline
of far future

How Many Species On the Planet

Set of good Visuals

Visualization of the Day


Charts Show Which Languages Have The Most Global Influence

How your city influence you what to buy

Great Video on Dashboard Workflow

List of Physical Visualizations

Best Infographics of 2014

Misc Links

Huge number of Links

              4 historical heroes who loved charts

             TED Talks – Some Amazing ways to Visualize

          17+ Impressive Data Visualization Examples You Need To See


Some Great Books

Data Visualization With Java Script

How David McCandless makes beautiful visualizations that go viral over and over

               What a exhaustive set of book list


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